Nov 11, 2006

New Orleans

I have been spending quite a bit of time working in New Orleans lately. Last week Meg came down and we stayed for the weekend we visited a church plant in the city. It seems very neat what God is doing there. They have an awesome CD. It has a real New Orleans flavor to great worship songs.

I can't wait to be done with this job so I can stop traveling. It is miserable to be away from my esposita so much. However, I am beginning to feel the Lord is giving us a heart for the people of New Orleans. I could actually see us moving down there in a couple of years and getting involved with rebuilding in ministry. We will pray and see what the Lord does with us.

This past week a crazy thing happened to me and the crew I am working with. We were held captive at the church where we were working. It is a catholic church in the ghetto of New Orleans. Across the street a couple of squatters started yelling and cursing at each other when one brought out a shotgun and then a knife. Before we got out of there, someone called the police and they came with the whole New Orleans squad and SWAT team with rolling armor and snipers all surrounding the whole block. The police wouldn't let us leave the church because they feared we would be in the line of fire. The crazy thing is that the drunk squatter they were looking for had already slipped away before the SWAT team arrived. Can you believe I still feel drawn to this crazy city?

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