Mar 30, 2009

Updated website for Parish Furniture!

Check it out!
They also just presented the furniture at an Architectural Digest Show in New York this past weekend. More to come on how that turned out. They also have plans to present this furniture at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair May 16-19th. Please pray that this will go well.

Please also pray for the rest of our support so we can get down to Peru and join in all the exciting fun with this ministry. We have been abundantly blessed so far. Meg and I visited a Church in Convington, LA for their missions Sunday and were greatly encouraged. We also have a busy week with both a conference in Brookhaven and one in Jackson! Please pray for wisdom and the right words to speak clearly of the gospel of Jesus Christ and what He is calling us to do.

I will be posting more exciting news soon!

Mar 7, 2009

What does a furniture shop have to do with church planting or missions?

I haven't heard this question yet, but I am anticipating it. We are in the midst of our first missions conference this weekend at Redeemer in Jackson,MS. I have found our support raising experience to be surprisingly encouraging. I have often heard it is the most difficult process. I have found talking with folks actually encouraging. Well, it is encouraging when I am actually able to have the time to get on the phone to talk with them. The most encouraging thing is that much of our support has come in outside of our efforts.
It seems God is raising the support without us. It is easy to forget that the support we need is not only financial. Some churches have told us that they don't have the funds to support us but are interested in what we are doing. This doesn't mean they can't support us. If we only wanted money we might go to the government or some foundation. We need support in prayer and fellowship, perhaps more than we do money. I recall that one of the biggest struggles of a missionary is feeling alone on the field.
One big prayer request is for Meg's finishing her dissertation. In the midst of the busy mission's conference this weekend she also is trying to finish her dissertation to turn in Monday in hopes of defending this month to be ready for graduation in May.
Another prayer request is for the safe transport of the first shipment of furniture from Peru getting ready for the Architectural Digest show March 26-29. They are also about to load the first container of furniture to be shipped for the Contemporary Furniture Fair May 16-19. Both of these shows are in New York. Please pray for success at these shows. If things go well and we get many orders, it will be very important for me to be getting to Peru in June.
We praise the Lord that our support is somewhere around 50% already!

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