Jun 4, 2014

Answer to Prayer

It is always encouraging to see the reality of God's providence in our lives. I requested a while back a prayer request for a difficult conflict. We had a meeting and it seemed like both sides of disagreement were unwilling to budge. I was very discouraged. It seemed that there was no way to bring restoration and reconciliation. Each side accused the other of doing wrong and each side had biblical evidence for why they thought they were right.

I had the privilege of being invited to preach at another church and was assigned the passage to preach through 2 Samuel 3. It was a very long passage but thankfully, I was blessed to have a copy of Ralph Davis' commentary on the book. As I worked through the passage I was encouraged to see that God works through even sinful and broken people and situations to bring about his purposes. We might be tempted to look at this passage and say that God still worked through the sinfulness of Abner and Joab but Ralph Davis so helpfully reminded me that God also still worked through the sinfulness of David. The story is not about David, it is about God fulfilling his purpose anyway even though his chosen people are broken. The chapter ended with David saying, Lord please help me even thought I am King, I am weak and these men are too strong for me.  That is how I felt after dealing with men who were unwilling to see their own faults and quick to put down those who they thought were wrong. Lord help us!

I can't say that there was anything that I did to cause any changes but I do see the fruit of God doing something and when we met again one week later to resume the battle and seek restoration, God had worked on both parties and both parties apologized and sought forgiveness and granted forgiveness. Just like that, the meeting actually finished earlier than we expected.  I don't think the issues were completely resolved but at least our hearts were softened and our fellowship was restored to be able to work through the issues in peace and fellowship. Praise the Lord!

Westminster Shorter Catechism #11. What are God’s works of providence? 
God’s works of providence are, his most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures, and all their actions.

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