Mar 24, 2015

March Newsletter

We finally sent out an update about what we have been doing lately. You can see it here.
Praise God, the Peacemaker conference went well. Please continue to pray for all the participants that we will put the processes we learned into practice.

The very next day, I had the privilege of preaching in the extension church in Parque Industrial in the morning and then preaching in the evening in Arevalo. God was gracious.

Now we are beginning preparations for Resurrection services.
We will have a Maundy Thursday Service, Friday morning fast, Saturday evening vigil and then a sunrise service Resurrection morning.

Please also keep praying for our work with Parish and the growth of the carpenters. The guys at Las Ponas are starting a trial with a new master carpenter. They gave him a job to build a door to test his skills.  Pray also for our planning as we work out how we continue helping the guys at Las Ponas and work out how we reach out to help others glorify God in their work.

Also please pray for our team as two families are returning for the States as they finish their terms. We are heading to a despedida (farewell party) tonight for the Johnson family and last week we went to another one for the Sutton family. We pray God will bless them in their plans but we are also sad to see them go.

Mar 7, 2015

Peacemaker conference and new Geneva School

We have been busy and there is too much to say in one blog post. I am working on getting out a newsletter next week.  I just want to mention two things.

We are having a Peacemaker conference on March 20 and 21. It will be for the leaders of the churches we work with here in Trujillo. Please pray for all the pastors and leaders involved. I found out about a translation of the materials in Spanish on the Peacemaker website.

Also, we just celebrated the inauguration of Geneva School in Arevalo. It will start with 2-5 year olds but each year will add the next grade up. Fellow missionary, Dale Ellison, Pastor Ricardo Hernandez and another member of Arevalo, Jorge Espino, were monumental in getting this started. Fellow missionary, Pastor Wes Baker spoke at the inauguration ceremony of how John Calvin in Geneva and John Knox in Scotland started something that had impact not in one year but in 50-100 years. Our goal for this school is that starting with the foundational principles of the Scripture we will build a community of believers who will be the best scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, artists, doctors and teachers who will in turn transform the culture for God's glory.

Please pray for the development of the school, the continued discipleship work in our churches, the medical ministry, the economic development ministries and this Peacemaker conference coming up at the end of the month.

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