Sep 23, 2016

Prayer requests

Good day from Peru!

We have a few things that I am compelled to publish so more can be praying.

  1. Pastor Ricardo's wife Danny, has a herniated disc and may need surgery soon. Please pray for her pain relief, healing and recovery. Please pray for him as his takes on all the cares of the house and kids that she normally handles. 
  2. Wilson, a man I have been sharing the gospel with, brother of Felix who I mentioned before. His son fell and hit his head and was sent home from school with vomiting this morning.
  3. Felix's son was robbed this morning at gun point and they stole a new cell phone that they bought on credit.
  4. Pray for our apprentices who are studying Third Millennium courses for credit through Birmingham Theological Seminary.  They are being challenged with plenty of reading assignments as well as our additional assignments to read through the Bible and Berkhof's Systematic Theology. 
  5. Pray for Meg and baby as the due date approaches. Also pray for visits from my mother and Meg's mother, traveling mercies and health. 

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