Mar 8, 2017

Apprenticeship in Arevalo

It has been too long since our last update! Our delay in updating is not for a lack of our working but for a lack of being able to handle all that is going on with us. Below I give you a description of all the work we are involved with here in Trujillo. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Your support is contributing to the advancement of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ as we equip leaders through these ministries.

Arévalo Cristo Restaurador
  • Apprenticeship
    • 4 young men are studying in the apprenticeship we started March of 2016. 20 hours are spent in ministry practice and 20 hours are spent in theological study through readings, classes we teach and seminary courses through BTS and IIIM partnership. 
    • We give them a scholarship to enable them to dedicate time to study and ministry. (The full time guys receive a little over $300/month and the part time $150/month). Please consider donating to this scholarship fund to help us finish out this year 2017.
      • Jefferson is a deacon at CR and is finishing a degree in Civil Engineering. The main reason he is in the apprenticeship besides already serving the church in many ways and wanting to learn more is that he doesn't want to be an engineer. What he really wants to spend his time doing is serving the church. The goal of this apprenticeship is to help him clarify if God is calling him into full time ministry. Jefferson takes care of everything that gets left undone in the church, leads the music ministry and is on the young adult leadership team.
      • Luis recently graduated with a degree in graphic design and was also recently ordained as a deacon at CR. Luis is also drawn to serve the church and has been reading several theology books. Luis also decided to take time to participate in this apprenticeship in order to feel out his calling to the ministry as he is also pursuing God's vocation on his life. Whether he pursues the pastorate or pursues a career in graphic design this apprenticeship will help him discover the gifts God has given him and discern his calling. Luis is on the young adult leadership team and started a men's ministry called Trinity, that is focused on bridging the age gap between adolescents, youth and men in order to build relationships for discipleship in our church. 
      • Bryand has always wanted to be a pastor and is a son of a pastor. For a time he wanted to be a policeman to help pay his way through seminary but he was not able to enter the academy. Now he is participating in our apprenticeship as he prepares to take the next step that will enable him to fulfill God's calling on his life. Bryand directed this year's VBS program, is working with the Children's Sunday School ministry and helps Luis with the Trinity ministry.
      • Alexis is finishing a degree in Architecture at the top of his class. He is a part-time apprentice. He has clarity that he wants to be an architect and has also helped lay out the design for Geneva School and other projects around the church. However, he also is convinced of his calling to serve Christ's church and teach. The Lord has confirmed in Alexis a gift and calling to teach. He is eager and burning to preach whenever he gets the chance.  We asked him to fill in as leader of the adolescent group for one year. He organized a 3 year study plan for the adolescent ministry and did such an amazing job that we decided that he continue as the leader of the adolescent ministry.  In December Alexis edited and printed a collection of hymns, Psalms and other songs with theological explanation of the worship service and historical background of many hymns. 

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