Aug 17, 2006


We thought we had enought water on our trip to the beach. I thought our vacation would end when we got back from mexico but it has only begun. It turns out a hot water pipe busted in the empty apartment above ours while we were gone. We came home to sloshing carpet. It might seem like a neat idea to help cool things off, but it does not smell like one. what a mess. Praise the Lord the maintenance crew got in while we were gone and picked up our irreplacable musical instruments and a computer so they would not be sitting in water. Instead of going straight back to work I got to stay at home with my wife for the day. It looks like we might be moving a little early. Hopefully the new apartment will be ready this saturday.

Aug 11, 2006

Long time away

Sorry to be so long in posting. It is strange that since I am no longer in seminary and have ¨free time¨again, i have less time for the computer. Or maybe the real reason is that I am working away from the computer and can´t take e-mail breaks.

today I woke up in beautiful Playa del Carmen. It is very relaxing. So now i finally feel like writting something. Mi esposita and her sister and yo are on a little vacation to use the flight vouchers we received last time we went to japan and got bumped off the flight.

You know getting bumped is not as bad as it sounds, it is very rewarding. they will give you a free hotel room, upgrade your seating to business class on a ticket for the next day and to top it all off they give you a voucher for a nother ticket within one year. Hence, the writting from Mexico today. It was good that we left from such a small airport as Jackson so as not to have trouble from the bomb scare on the airports.

Tis only the first day so maybe there will be more to say later.

Dios te bendiga

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