Aug 30, 2008

Arrival of first pieces of furniture

Yesterday the family and I drove down to Zachary to help Don work on touching up some of the furniture that arrived from Peru. Don will be taking this furniture up to Charlotte, NC to meet Chris and Brad to start their trip fund-raising for the shop. Actually, I will be driving the furniture up to Jackson on Monday in case Gustav prevents Don from being able to leave.

Aug 17, 2008

Time to Pray

I remember a cousin of mine who is a missionary to Africa, Steve Mills, talking about the need to pray for missions just as an army needs to call in air support in war. This seems like a good time to pray for God to be preparing hearts and contacts for this ministry to work.

check out the website for a good description. critical time

Aug 2, 2008

Peru Mission Parish Woodshop Project

Recently, I saw an article about a completely un-contacted tribe on the border of Peru and Brazil. I started thinking about them and wondering what it would be like to have the privilege of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. I thought, “I used to want to do that,” that is, to bring the gospel to un-reached people in the world. I had to stop and ask myself, “What happened?” “Why am I no longer pursuing that?” Or “Why am I not there?” I have to answer partly because of sin. I have lost sight, forgotten, and allowed myself to get into sinful habits that turned me away from being of service to Christ. On the other hand, I must answer by saying God is preparing me to be of better service for His purposes. I am amazed at the sovereignty of our God and His graciousness in using such sinful people and even, dare I say, our sinful actions to bring about his glory. This brings even more confirmation and sears the gospel in my heart, compelling me to go out and share this wonderful news of our savior. While we are sinful, being clothed in Christ, God sees us as Christ and is pleased with us because of Christ. Though we often feel He is displeased with us, He is not because as one of my elders said, “He doesn’t see me, He sees Jesus in me.” What an amazing joy that all the world needs to hear.
The main reason I am not in the jungle right now is, I had this crazy idea when I graduated from college: I wanted to serve as a missionary but also wanted to learn a trade before going. Now it seems that without my realizing it, God has been preparing me for a particular ministry in Peru for the past ten years: The Woodshop Project with Peru Mission ( Over the years, He has given me a desire to learn the skill of woodworking and the privilege to work with men whose hearts were for Jesus and discipleship. He gave me a good taste of experience with ministry in rural Peru. He has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Megumi, and now our first daughter. He managed to get me through seminary with a Masters of Divinity and is even now allowing me to hone the woodworking and discipleship skills before we go to Peru.
My greatest desire is to be used by God to point the men I work with to Christ. I cannot change them but I have seen God change people through his Word. One of the most effective ways I have seen Him use me is in friendships working alongside and applying the Word to life. I may not always be the most faithful example but God is always faithful to make his Word real in our lives. The best way to put it is what my dear friend, Mike Boyett, has said, “While we shape wood, God is shaping us.” This can actually apply to any field of work. Can you imagine what the Church would look like if all Christians lived this way? Wouldn’t it be amazing if every believer went to work with Christ as their center and sought to bear witness to the people they work with. I know there are many faithful believers in churches who live this way, but I must confess there are far too few. Let us pray as our Lord commanded in Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” It seems the Lord is raising me up to be a laborer for His harvest. I want to ask you to consider these things:

1. Please pray for my family as we prepare to serve Christ in Peru.
2. Please consider your own work and apply the life of Christ through it.
3. Please consider supporting us financially as all of the profits of this woodshop will return to the mission and to the community in Peru.
4. Pass this on to anyone you know might be interested in this ministry.

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