Oct 30, 2008

He will Provide!

It has been quite a week. I was told last Monday that there was no more work for me at the shop. So Tuesday I was at home watching our girl while Meg went into the lab earlier. As I mentioned in the last post I was wondering if I should quit work and do support raising work more. Well, it seems God answered my question in a way. However, it seems that I still need to do some work to bring income to pay bills until it is wise to start drawing on our support account. So the Lord provided several pick up jobs and I am starting training at Seattle Drip coffee shop tonight. I am hoping these two jobs will allow a little flexibility to watch our daughter and work on support raising.
When it comes to support raising, we are very close to getting our prayer card printed up and sending out our paper letters. We are very encouraged that even before we send out our letters, God has laid it on hearts to give so that we are at 20% of our support! We need around 50K per year. We are aiming for 2 years so raising for 100K total.

Oct 15, 2008

What's been going on

Meg and I went on a little vacation last week to visit her sister in Rhode Island. It was a very refreshing trip. It must say it was much needed.

We are getting much closer to sending out letters for our support raising. Our prayer cards might be going to the printer sometime this week. I am just about ready with the letter and addresses. I still need a couple of addresses for some on my list. If you want a letter either by email or paper mail please send me a note and include which address you want to receive the letter.

I actually have today off from work because there is not enough work in the shop. This is kind of good and bad. It is good because I am free to work on support raising today, and it is bad because I am not making enough money. Please pray for us in that regard.

It has definitely been good this morning because I was able to get most of the support letter written. It also makes me wonder if I should transition to full-time support raising. The problem with that is that we would need to raise more money to cover our living expenses now. We hope to wait to live on the support at least until we are about to move to Peru. Please pray for wisdom with that decision. I have definitely been encouraged so far to see God raising the money and making connections without us. That gives a real sense of confirmation that this is His work and He will see it done. When I see Him do things like that I think it would be best to continue working when there is work and work on support-raising when I can. Even with this economic crisis I am confident that God will provide for our needs. It is clear that He is calling us to go to Peru and I trust that He will make it happen.

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