Jul 6, 2009

How to Pray for us?

  1. We rejoice that we celebrated 7 years of marriage last monday!
  2. We are excited to find out that the baby is a boy!
  1. We grieve with our great uncle Gilbert Mills and his family at the homegoing of his wife, Lejeune, while we rejoice for her entry into glory.
  2. Pray for our support raising: a. we are close to 70% of the two year support! pray for God to provide the remaining 30%. b. we are seeking church families to support us in prayer and encouragement. Even if we had all the money we need we still need connections with folks who will commit to lift us up before the Lord in prayer and not forget about us.
  3. Pray for our organization in preparing our family to move as we consider what to sell, give, store and pack.
  4. Pray for our diligence in studying Spanish these next several months before moving and for our studying in language school after we first move to Peru with a newborn, Lord willing.
  5. Pray for Meg and baby Samuel as she is approaching the end of second trimester for safety and health.

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