Mar 24, 2010

A New Way to Support Missionaries

 Are you interested in finding beautiful handmade greeting cards?  There is a group of talented artists in Trujillo, Peru who make them from recycled paper.  This is a great new business that is helping change peoples lives.  Just check out their website, Peru Paper Greeting Cards.

Now you can also support us by buying these cards. If you put our name, MILLS, in the comments section 10% will go towards our support.

To have 10% of the purchase price of your Peru Paper order donated to one of these categories, please put the code in the "Order Instructions/Comments" (NOT the "coupon code"- this isn't a discount but to indicate to me to make the donation) section on the "Order Confirmation" page of the cart checkout.  This will let me know that you would like 10% of the total purchase price donated to CMS to the account indicated.  Peru Paper Company will make a donation at the end of each month for all of the orders we receive, and I will put a note in the order so you will know that a donation was made. 

Mar 10, 2010

March Update

Dear Friends and Family,
    It is hard to believe we have less than one month left in language school.  We have been working hard but it has also been a lot of fun.  Please pray for us as we unscramble our brains and learn to put to practice all that we are learning.  Even Satomi is learning a good bit of Spanish, perhaps she will be speaking more Spanish than us before we leave.  This language school is turning out to be very good.  The classes are designed to teach us the grammar and they give us tons of practice that reinforces our learning.  Then we also have one-on-one practice classes.  In my class we are working through the Bible in Spanish and learning how to write out a summary of the passages in Spanish.  It is great practice for preparing to teach the Bible in Spanish.  Meg is also improving in conversational Spanish.
    This past month has had its ups and downs.  We enjoyed a great weekend trip to visit Colca Canyon, one of Peru’s treasures. Satomi decided to see how hard she could bite down on Samuel’s fingers. Samuel learned to roll over. We have enjoyed becoming a part of a small presbyterian church here in Arequipa. We received bad news about my Father’s battle with cancer.
    Our main prayer request is specifically for my father. He started an experimental trial to treat prostate cancer the same day we left for Peru.  The treatment greatly helped the first four people in the trial but for some reason after starting the treatment in his case the cancer started to grow twice as fast.  It got to the point that they had to start radiation again in several spots on his spine for fear that the cancer may paralyze him, which disqualified him from the experimental trial. Since starting the radiation they have found another spot on his ribs.  It seems that the cancer is spreading quite fast. Please pray for him and my mother as they trust in the One who is able to heal him completely.
    Please also continue to pray for us as we learn to speak Spanish and will be traveling to Trujillo April 3rd, Lord willing.  Please continue to pray for the Parish Furniture shop that God will raise up enough funds to keep it running.  As always, please continue to pray that we would delight in Jesus and seek to glorify Him and bring others to Him.  Pray that we would remember it is not about us but about what Christ has done for us.

in the joy of resting in Christ,

Stuart Mills (for Megumi, Satomi and Samuel)

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