Oct 29, 2010

What's going on at the Woodshop?

Two of the woodworkers with their families are included
in this group joining the church Cristo Rey.
I have been thinking and praying a lot about how this project is going. I actually have a lot of hope for it.  If the goal was to simply start a big business that would export furniture and make a lot of money some people might be able to say that it is failing or has failed.  But if the plan was to create a form of shaping men to be godly leaders then I think it is showing to be a huge success.  I really have felt spoiled to come in here and get to manage these guys.  They are the most responsible and reliable carpenters you could find in Peru.  The discipleship is going great and they are growing in leaps and bounds in their understanding of scripture.  It is amazing that they actually come to work thirty minutes early every day to study the bible for an hour.

Just the other day, Norvil was telling me about his future goals as I was interviewing him for the parish website blog. He said that he wants to put his own shop up in Moyobamba one day and do the same thing. He wants to teach the bible and pray before work. His wife, Flor, asked him, "What if they don't want to listen?"  His first response was that he would find other workers, but then said actually he did not want to hear it at first either. He said that for a long time he did not like to have to listen to the bible before work. He even laughed at some of the other guys who he thought were just going to church out of obligation and said that if he went it would be because he wanted to worship God not because he was obligated.  But, over time after hearing the Word more and more it started to grow on him.  He decided to start going to church and then he started feeling bad about not being married to Flor.  The Word convicted him and changed his heart so that he decided to get married and has now joined the church. Now he wants to be patient with others and teach them the Word. One of the most important things he wants to teach is that no matter how bad you have been, God can forgive you.  This is what we hoped for; that these men would take this and re-create it in other places!  

Now as the guys are making plans to form their own business and branch out it is my prayer that they will carry the torch and teach others that they bring in to work for them what they have learned about doing excellent woodwork to God's glory as well as studying what God's word teaches us about himself and worshipping Him.
Please pray that the Lord will continue working in their lives in shaping them to be leaders in this country. Also pray for them in finding a new location as our landlord is raising the rent, and please considering buying their products from the website to help them survive! 

Oct 13, 2010

New email update!

Peru Mission has a new email system to make it easier to send updates and for you to sign up on our mailing list.  Follow the link below to see our latest update and find a link to sign up on our mailing list.

October update!

Right now we are enjoying a wonderful stay that the Baptist Mission House in Lima. We are here in Lima in order to take care of getting our visa paperwork in order. We are preparing to take the kids to the zoo and find some other things to show them in Lima.  
We are also planning to visit a designer who has some of Parish furniture's products on display and show her some of our new designs.

Itineration plans for the summer of 2018

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