Mar 29, 2011

Growing Community

 Things are going quite well at the shop. The carpenters are busy filling a few additional orders for our shipment to the States, they are also working on a few local orders. They have so much work they are sub-contracting another carpenter, Gerver, to come in and help them with local orders. Gerver is also a member of the local church-plant, Cristo Rey. There is also another carpenter, Kelvin, who is a member at a sister church in Arevalo and hasbeen renting shop space to work on one of his jobs.  Our tools and Javier and Norvil's shop are turning out to be a blessing to others.  It is feeling like a busy shop with so many people around. We actually took Saturday off to go to the beach and relax a little before the summer ends.  They have been working so hard they have not taken any time off the whole summer.  
They have recently finished a trundle bed for a local customer, received an order for several cedar lounge chairs , a table top, and are working on a bunk bed, dresser and coffee table.
We are also in the process of looking into a kiln to be able to properly dry wood for exporting indoor furniture.  This is a big step of growth for our shop. We are very excited for this opportunity and thankful for the investor who is interested in helping this project grow.

vacaciones útiles

These next few weeks two of our churches are doing something similar to VBS. They call it "vacaciones útiles" This means useful va...