Jul 19, 2011

July Update

“Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel,” Philippians 1:27
     We have decided to return to Peru August 1. The more we think and pray it seems that there are many good reasons for either decision. It seems the main reason to stay is that if we don't have enough money to finish our term, but praise the Lord we just have enough to get us through May 2012. We pray the Lord will provide more support throughout the year to make sure we are okay. If He is laying it on your heart to support us you can give hereThe other important factor came down to what is best for our family and it looks like it would be best for our family if we return, finish our term and prepare for being in the States for long-term support raising.
     The verse above gives me great comfort as we are torn between Peru and the U.S. It is our prayer that we all are united in one spirit striving together for the faith of the gospel of Christ. This month we are busy visiting many of our supporting churches to report on this striving for the faith of the gospel before we return to Peru August 1. We hope to see many of you while we are visiting.
   As we endeavor to proclaim the glory of Christ through the Scriptures, we rejoice to see it take fruit in many lives. There are several men who have been blessed tremendously by your support and the ministry of the Parish Furniture project. Javier and Norvil are busy working as their business is growing. I am encouraged to see their heart for evangelism demonstrated as they make plans for their work. They are thinking with a Kingdom perspective of reaching the lost for Christ and/or helping church members as they hire helpers. A few members of our churches are also working with them helping them or renting shop space.  In addition there are two new students from the University Ministry that are working part time in the shop and coming to the Bible studies. They have included a neighboring family into the church small group community. I am excited to see this ministry becoming an incubator for economic and leadership development in the church. The fruit of your donations to help start Parish Furniture is that many lives are being changed and community leaders are being developed.
            If you recall, three carpenters left to work independently. Alfonso is working out of town doing a restoration job for one year but we still keep up with him when he comes back to visit. Geronimo is also growing his business and stops by to visit when he is in town. Please pray for Marden as he went back to work for a former employer in the jungle. We are sad to say goodbye to our two interns from the States, Tyler Jones and Seth Covington who completed their terms and went back home the end of May.
            We continue to work on developing the business of exporting furniture to the U.S. We recently shipped 11 pallets to Louisiana and Tennessee. My father, when he visited us last fall, ordered a sample of each item we were working on with plans to help with sales.  These items will be on display in Zachary as samples for future orders from anyone interested in supporting this work and owning fabulous furniture.
            One of the most exciting things happening with the ministry is the growth of the small group that meets at the wood shop. This small group is one of many formed with the downtown church plant, Cristo Rey. Their main focus is to cultivate community and facilitate the mission of the Kingdom of God.  We often have around a dozen people and there are several leaders in training in our group.
            Megumi and the children are doing well and enjoying time with family and friends.  We miss our friends in Peru and look forward to getting back in August.  Please pray for us as we search for a new house to live in. We will have 10 months left before our term ends and we come back to the States to raise long-term support to continue working with Peru Mission.

                                                in the joy of resting in Christ,

                                                Stuart Mills (for Megumi, Satomi and Samuel)

Jul 9, 2011

Big Decision and Prayer request

Now that we are in the States after my father's funeral. We are faced with a big decision.
Our original schedule is to return to Peru August 1st. However, it  has been suggested that we consider changing our plans to stay and raise our long-term support now since we are already here in the States.  This is because our original plan would have been to return next spring or summer to raise support to return for long-term (four years).  We are torn over the issue. There are many reasons to stay now but there are also many other reasons to continue the plan and come back next May.  If we return we could finish our plan of 2 years and wrap up our work in Peru and prepare more for coming back to raise long-term support. If we stay, we would be here to help my family and we would save money on the return trip as well as not having to set up a new home for less than 1 year. We could spend this time raising support and preparing for our long-term ministry in Peru for the next four years. My work with the Parish project is actually at a transition point and the carpenters would be okay if I were to stay, however I would prefer to have more time with them before leaving for a longer period of time. Staying, we would also decrease our stress of moving again within a year.  Right now, Meg and I are leaning much more toward returning to Peru and having more time to prepare for being in the States long-term.  We are also torn over this for thinking of being able to be here to help my family more during this tough time.  If we decide to stay we would have plenty of opportunities to schedule reports on the work. If we return to Peru August 1st there is very little time and every Sunday is already tied up with us visiting surrounding churches.  Right now we would love to prepare for leaving and squeeze in every opportunity to share as if we are leaving Aug. 1st.  That way if we decide to return we are ready and if we decide to stay then we have a jump start on our work.  

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