Nov 16, 2011

Meg's Caja Feliz (happy box)

Here are photos of a jewelry box made for and designed by Meg. It was a belated anniversary and birthday present to her.  It is a combination of Black Palm and a wood called Shihuahuaco (a relative of Ipe).

As far as how our life is going in Peru: We are staying busy with life chasing after two crazy toddlers and loving on our friends here in Trujillo. Each day we are amazed by God's grace in our lives and working through us in others.  It seems there have been many challenges brought into the lives of many we work with and it is good to see God speaking into lives through His Word as we attempt to communicate the gospel through counsel, bible study and just passing time with them.

Nov 10, 2011

vacaciones útiles

These next few weeks two of our churches are doing something similar to VBS. They call it "vacaciones útiles" This means useful va...