Mar 25, 2012

Short term team visit

Last week we had a visit from a team from University Fellowship Church in Norman, OK. We are very thankful for their visit. They were a very hard working crew. They helped dig out the foundation for the first phase of the new church in Parque Industrial. This was not easy work among rocks and boulders in the sand. This is a new church plant next to a new clinic in a growing yet impoverished area on the edge of Trujillo.

Mar 23, 2012

Meg's 1st baking class

Meg has had so much fun (and done such a good job) making cakes or cupcakes for various activities lately several people have suggested she start a cake store or a baking school. Here she is getting a taste at her first class helping our friend Lucia make a cake for her daughter's birthday party.
They stayed up way too late finishing it :)  I took this after I got home from a Macho Movie Night with several men watching the new movie, Courageous.

Mar 20, 2012

Wedding, baby shower and new members

This past weekend was extremely busy.   It started out with Alleen & Hermes' wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a great example of the Grand wedding feast we anticipate at Christ's return. We all had a great time celebrating this new union. It was especially nice with all of the children dancing and enjoying the beautiful reception afterwards.
Sunday morning the downtown church plant, Christ the King, received two new members who also happen to be two men who are connected with the Parish woodshop. Kevin and Javier. Kevin got connected with us last year through the English conversation courses and is working part time for Javier and Norvil. Javier is one of the original carpenters with Parish who is running his own business here in Trujillo along with Norvil.  They are both members of the cell group that meets connected with the woodshop.

Norvil and his wife, Flor, are expecting a baby next month. Sunday afternoon there was a baby shower for them at our house. 

Mar 7, 2012

Prayer requests and update

I am always encouraged when I get a request from supporting churches for prayer requests. It reminds me how much we depend on the intervention of the Almighty in the work He calls us to do. It also reminds me to communicate to others to join with me in praying for the things that I am battling.
Here is a short list of prayer requests

Please mostly pray for the men involved in various bible studies that the Holy Spirit will apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives and transform them into faithful servants and leaders

Two men that I am discipling have recently gone through difficult health problems that affected their income. Pray for healing and renewed zeal to fight to provide for their families.

There are several pregnant mothers in our churches please pray for their health and financial providence for extra costs in already tight budgets.

Lastly, pray for four couples involved in a study on marriage and that God would transform the next generation by creating a culture where men are Godly leaders in their homes.

Here is a link to our latest update. If you are not on our mailing list and want to receive it you can find a sign up link in the newsletter.

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