Sep 2, 2014

Praying For Peace 2

It seems we have had quite a bit of conflict here in Peru lately. This has led me to seek resources to help deal with the conflicts. Of course the first step should always be to fall on our knees in prayer. I was also reminded of a ministry I learned about in seminary, Peacemakers. I came across an article on their website titled getting to the heart of conflict. It is also a chapter in the book by Ken Sande, The Peacemaker. He points out one key problem in conflict is that the root is unmet desire and makes reference to James 4:1-3. 
We tend to respond to conflict by pointing to the other persons fault, but Sande reminds us what God said through James that the problem starts with our own idolatry. When we are seeking our own desires and making idols out of them, we respond with conflict. All conflict is not bad, but far too often I see conflict as the result of a lack of recognizing ones own faults and being quick to judge and condemn the others. 

My prayer for peace is that we would repent of our pride and idolatry and humbly seek to build each other up in Christ. May God grant us a culture of peace by living out repentance and faith in the folly of preaching the cross.

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