Mar 14, 2017

Ministry in Arévalo

A few of the things we are involved with in Arévalo are:
  • Jóvenes (Young adults ministry)
    • Weekly meetings: Plan for the year: 
      • Study through Gospel Centered Life March and April 
      • and the gospel of John from May to December.
    • Walter Hogue and Thomas Presley: spent 6 months with us working with the youth and teaching English. They made a great impact on the lives of many people in the neighborhood. We thank God for their time and presence and we also thank both Walter and Thomas for their service.
    • Fiesta de Jóvenes: We teach that it is not okay to party like the world and at the same time we teach that it is okay to party. Ps. Ricardo feels it is very important to not only tell them but to show them what that looks like by having a party for the youth that will give them an idea of what it could look like and still glorify God. March 3 we held a party for the youth.  
    • Leadership team: We formed a committee to help me plan the youth activities and ministry. This has been helpful to get them involved in the ministry and responsibility of the organizing the meetings and even inviting new youth to participate. 
  • Sunday School: I continue to work through a Harmony of the Westminster Confession and Catechisms in our adult Sunday school class. Ps. Ricardo is starting another new members class this month. Currently we are working through chapter 21 on Worship and covering the catechism questions that cover the sermon on the mount.
  • VBS February 20-24. We had an average of 55 children for the week. Bryand, one of our apprentices got to try his hand out at directing the VBS. He grew much in the process and we shared the gospel with the children.
  • Geneva School March 6 started the new school year adding first grade. Please pray for the church to successfully build bridges for evangelism with the students and their parents. Geneva School is still in much need of donations to help cover expenses and scholarships. Please consider donating to Geneva to help us offer a low cost tuition.

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