Mar 14, 2017

Family news

Family news:
     Megumi is an amazing wife and mother. Having a fourth child has been a lot more difficult that we thought. She is busy keeping all four children alive, fed, clothed and educated. She is also about to start back a weekly meeting with the ladies in the church to exercise and do a bible study. She has been a great help in counseling several young ladies. As soon as baby Arabelle gets a little more settled in a sleeping schedule, Meg is anxious to get more involved in the ministries
School started back March 6 for the first three children:
     Satomi is 9 and voraciously reading through as many books as Meg can download for her on her kindle. She has an amazing memory, as we read through the Bible as a family she has a hard time not telling us what happens in the next chapter.
     Samuel is 7 and just started back from a summer break in gymnastics, is having fun building things with his legos and is getting experience learning self-control (difficulty stopping when his time is up...) while playing minecraft.
     Ezra is 4 and cracking us up with his sense of humor while also learning to defend himself from his mischievous big brother.
     Arabelle is 5 months and growing and nursing but not yet sleeping through the night. I had the grand privilege of baptizing her on Sunday February 26th!

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