Mar 21, 2017

Peru Flooding

This morning as I write this the skies look good. But the last week each afternoon it has rained and caused more flooding. Especially in this zone on the coast of Peru, this is unprecedented. Most people talk about the horrible flooding on 1998, but that was just one day. We have experienced 6 days of rain and floods.

Yesterday, we tried to bring supplies donated by members of Cristo Restaurador to one of the affected areas but received reports that another flash flood report was coming and most people were moving out of the area. So we did not leave them at the church but we did give out water and crackers to people as they were leaving.
Today we are planning to cook meals at Cristo Restaurador in Arevalo and bring food out to the affected area. We are also bringing water and canned tuna and crackers donated by Cristo Rey. We are also giving water to neighbors around the church in Arevalo. There is no more bottled water to buy but we do have a reserve of tap water (that needs to be boiled) in the clinic (next door to the church) and are distributing it in buckets as people come to the church.

Here is a link to an initial report by our team leader, Wes Baker, explaining the situation in Trujillo.

Here is a link to a video on Facebook from Ps. Percy in one of our extension churches and an update yesterday from Wes. 

What can you do?

  1. The most powerful and impactful action is to pray that God would have mercy and stop the rain. 
  2. Pray for provision for the people that are affected most. 
  3. Pray for us to be helpful in what we do to provide relief. 
  4. Pray for the affected to be able to see hope and God’s sovereignty and yet worship Him.
  5. Pray for the people to come together and help each other
  6. Pray that the wicked would not take advantage of the need to get rich by raising prices.
  7. Give. We are raising money to use to help. You can give to the Compassion Fund and mark in the "additional comments" that you want it to go toward flood relief. Initially we will buy food and water to give to people who have lost everything. We are working on a plan to do what we can to help.

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