Mar 14, 2017

Restructuring Peru Mission

 Last year our team leader, Wes Baker, started a process that has greatly improved the organization of our ministries with Peru Mission. We not only have a group of missionaries but also a group of pastors and directors of each ministry that now sit together at one table each week to coordinate the activities of each ministry. We have been studying books that help us be more productive and focused on our work. This we pray will help us accomplish more and divide the labor to be able to pull together all of these ministries to achieve building the city of God in Trujillo. 
  • Administration
    • CEO (Ps. Wes Baker)
    • CFO (Alleen Mclain)
    • COO (Ps. Jaime Avellaneda)
    • CSO (Ernesto Murillo)
  • Church planting and development (Ps. Percy Padilla)
    • Child Ministry Center (Noé Advíncula)
  • Educational Ministry (Dale Ellison)
    • Geneva School
  • Economic Development (Hermes Tomás)
    • Sinergia
  • Medical Ministry (Ernesto Murillo)
    • Bethesda
  • Leadership development (Esdras Vasquez)
    • SUSA (Esdras Vasquez)
    • Areopago (Ps. Stuart Mills)

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